Demonstrations Against Neo-Nazi Marches in Czech Republic

Statement Inernational Europe Roma political movement


Our Roma nation is an integral part of Czech society. We support the Czech national team, we rejoice in victory and Wash it down with grief from the loss. Czech listen to music, go to concerts of Czech singers and our children can Czech folk songs. We are looking for Czech films and our families often hear comments from Czech films.


We are citizens of the Czech Republic, we are part of a multi-ethnic and multi-national group collectively known as the Czech nation. Czech culture has become a part of our lives and Czech, Moravia and Silesia are our home, our home.


We comment any theft, violence, regardless of ethnicity of the offender and the victim regret these actions. Many of us have become victims and are experiencing the same feelings as other people harm.

If the offender is of Roma origin, we are also outraged the collective guilt on us big part of the company together with Racisim often blaming the media. The nature of the crimes in general, it becomes more and more brutal, humanity and compassion are disappearing, never to return and perpetrators irrespective of their ethnic origin are becoming increasingly aggressive. None of us does not dispute this fact. We consider it very important that every action has been duly and impartially punished by the criminal justice process.


We comment the actions of all offenders regardless of ethnicity and reject collective guilt for crimes committed specific Rom. We take no responsibility for the individuals of our nation or other citizens. We live in a modern community where impartial judicial system determines the method of punishment. This punishment does not belong in the hands of citizens, and certainly not in the hands of individuals of the nation.


Many of us work in factories, construction companies, healthcare, education, hospitality, culture, social services, public administration, banking and many other fields. Among us there are also several Roma entrepreneurs, especially in the construction industry. A large percentage of Roma families are unfortunately no employment for reasons of ethnicity (xenophobia, lack of previous experience with Roma – collective guilt), place of residence and low education. For some families, it is the cause of long-term unemployment also received comfort from the loss of work habits.


We are “moving mania” of many large cities, from which Roma families moving to the small villages and towns, where they have long-term employment or local denizens.


We find it incomprehensible that the previous government did not invest in business development of Czech citizens, in which lies the strength development of the national economy, instead of all governments encourage foreign companies, of which a large percentage of long ago ceased its activities in the Czech Republic.


Do not fully understand why the state does not support the present business programs that would provide direct employment and instead funded programs such as “teaching writing resumes”, “communication during the interview” Retraining without subsequent application within the company also considers it ineffective.


Social benefits should be emergency relief and long-term rather than permanent income, which also discourages people to active life and can cause psychological problems and negativity in the form of crime, gambling and especially in people with low education.


We recognize that employment is the most important priority for our community, but many of the steps taken by Czech and European policies have reduced the employment opportunities for all unemployed.


Disproves demagoguery that Roma are higher compared to other groups in social benefits and some social contributions are intended only to Roma. All benefits are calculated according to tables and can be used every citizen in social need.


The European Union, the Czech government and foundation funds invest considerable funds for social inclusion of socially disadvantaged Roma families, but these resources are used very inefficiently and gain is primarily a Czech organization. We agree with projects aimed at training social workers in the Roma community, but for the activities of these people are not money. Subsidy policy is to be facing the ineffective programs, but this policy will not prepare Roma organizations and their representatives, but only without previous negotiations by the EU and the Czech Republic. Subsidies do not distribute Roma representatives and they can not in any way affect the proceedings, use or control.

Some Roma organizations were convicted of financial fraud, but not by that judge all and we would be if all organizations were audited annually by an independent body.

We do not agree that non-profit organizations and activists to act for the whole community and affected the lives of our families.


We demand that the subsidies were used effectively to pre-school education of children, the active use of leisure time and support direct employment.


At present, many Roma families live in substandard dormitories and often because of collective guilt for non-payment of rent and services of other families. Owner housing units are required to repair your property, tenants are required to pay the agreed rent, and if a tenant fails to comply with its obligations, it is quite common in Czech society that defaulters are deported. Why this is so is not in the “Roma” apartment buildings? Many hostels that would otherwise be half empty because of these Roma families through housing supplement to ensure smooth business. More than 99% of owners of residential homes and hostels are people of Czech origin. It is then a matter of who is responsible for the situation in some areas is to blame, and whether they meet the obligations on both sides everything was in such a state.


Our field workers, activists and we warn other families of compliance, but it is important that as institutions, homeowners, politicians acted the same regardless of ethnicity.


We are against any form of discrimination, reducing human dignity


We can understand the indignation of society against our community, but refuse to take the blame, as well as the Czechs do not assume collective responsibility for the attacks committed by some of our people.


Anti-Roma demonstrations are against humanity and cause only more evil.


Anti-Roma sentiment and incitement to hatred against us has become socially acceptable. This trend is not only dangerous for us Roma, but for all citizens of the country. Anti-Roma sentiment gives fertile ground for extremists and their groupings that make us Roma, as well as the owners of hostels, use to your advantage. The extremist group on your site stand out against adapted Jews, homosexuals, Arabs, blacks … so are the Roma ……. and who will it be tomorrow? Maybe your son, your girlfriend .. or the disabled. The last such open hatred led to the Second World War.


Anti-Roma demonstrations paradoxically point to the problems that are over twenty years old themselves constantly mention. Abolition of these problems and we should as a society stand on two sides of the ideological conflicts. There is only one single, common solution using human and human-friendly approaches the 21st century


Some things we cannot control, but we can understand each other and stand on the side of good, common sense and require redressing injustice.


We invite all country in the world for human rights for a demonstration on September 3, 2013 at 14:00 h

In Europe, in the UK at 15:00 o’clock

Czech embassy


Czech rep., United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Brazil, and Most countries in the world on a peaceful demonstration against the growing fascism in Europe!

Europe Roma International

Political Movement of Roma