International Tolerance Day: Not More Not Less but EQUALLY!

As we put in despair, 
to rest those whose skin wasn’t fair
ENOUGH, to be granted immunity 
We are reminded that we live in a society 
where it is taught that democracy
is synonymous with equality

Yet, in reality  we live in a society
where crimes are racialized, culturalized 
People of colour antagonized, marginalized
only so discrimination can be justified

Despite what they say 
freedom is not innate  
as words cannot set us free 
Nor guarantee equity

If that was the case
Immunity would not be based
on grounds of visibility

If that was the case
Images of crime would be colour blind
If that was the case 
Skin colour would not be an offence 

If that was the case 
traces of racial disparity
we would no longer see

If that was the case 
Poverty, Inequality, Alterity
would not be synonymous with Minority
If that was the case
those whose land we’ve colonized 
We would not continue to ostracize

If that was the case
Segregation, Getthoization
Forced sterilization,  
would no longer materialize
in European Nations

If that was the case 
Black, Native, Latino, Roma
Lives WOULD Matter
Not more, not less, but